Not sure if this is at all relevant to the category, and I know this isn't a computer forum, but this is my problem.

I've had my Ux2 for awhile now, and have used it before, but about a year ago my computer crashed and I'm just now getting it installed again with my new PC. Unfortunately, I'm having some trouble getting it to work on my PC because of the above message.
My goal is to be able to use my keyboard through the interface to use as a MIDI controller through Fruity Loops (Don't ask.), but as of now that message is coming up and its flashing red lights. (I'd also like to use the interface through other recording progs to lay down guitars and stuff, so i'm hoping we can kill as many birds as we can with one stone eh). If anyone can help me out that'd be way too sick. Thanks!

You need to download the line6 drivers and line6 monkey off the line6 website. Run them and follow the instructions and you should be good to go
I downloaded the monkey and it did me no good, it doesnt even read the UX2!