So, I tried to make a recording this morning for the first time in roughly a year, and either I can't remember how to make it work, or there's something wrong with the unit itself. I plugged my microphone in, the blue light comes on, but no sound came out of the headphones at all. I twiddled various things on the mixer window, but still nothing. Then I thought maybe my microphone or the wire was screwy, or maybe the headphones themselves. But I plugged my guitar in, and so there still was no sound. And eventually the microphone fedback and there was a loud ringing in my ears, so the headphones are working properly, too. Anyone know what I'm not doing, that maybe I don't remember to do? When I went through my recording software, I made sure the input was set to the firebox. But sound doesn't come out at all anyway.

Oh, and it's being run through a macbook.
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hmm, you may want to try reinstalling the drivers being sure you have the latest ones from the PreSonus website.

Other than that, it's a strange issue....could be the headphone port is not working or something else is screwy on the interface itself...