So I've had a Egnater rebel 30 for 8 months now and recently it's been acting.. strange. So starting about a week ago it began to fiz, only when I played notes though. I swapped cables, and it would disappear for a little, then reappear later. And now it's been blowing fuses like crazy. First and second one happened at band practice a week ago. After that I stopped and assumed it was the outlet at my friend's house. Sometimes when I get back home I don't feel compelled to deal with setting up my pedalboard again so I don't use it, and there still has been fizzing, but no blown fuses. It was fine for the past few days, then today, I finally set my pedalboard up again and 7 minutes in I've blown another fuse.

I don't have much experience tube amps and I'm kind of stuck on what to do.

The fuses I use can't be wrong because I made sure the replacements were the same type and a fuse blew 3 months in so I'm using the same exact fuse that has worked for 5 months with no problems.
I would contact egnater. They are a very reputable company. I think you might have a tube problem and not a fuse problem but anyway i would contact the company.

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Your power tubes are dying. Change them.

I'm surprised you waited so long for fuses to start blowing before you decided to change tubes.
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