I have a one man project that covers bands such as Airbourne, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Etc.. Anyways i'm releasing the bands first album and i don't sing that much though i can't make an album full of insturmental tracks or covers so i decided to make my originals have guest vocalist/guitarist/drummers/bassist/ Etc.. I've recorded a track and did lyrics for it i just need some one who can take their time to sing on it, Good quality would be a need, Nothing static or fizzy recordings sorry, And your name will appear on the back of the album as a list, Or your bands name if your in any bands such as what i'm doing! Just reply and i'll send you the track
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What style is the piece?

I variety the genre on each song ( Staying in the Rock area of course ) This one i would stick it to rock and roll nothing too special.