Note:This is a rough draft so be as constructive with your comments as possible thanx.

"Take My Life Back"

(Verse 1)
Beaten and bruised
lied and confused
this is the life
that we live

take and to give
kill or be killed
taken our souls
but bodies to be filled

with lies and hate
cornerstones of life
this is our fate
live or die
destroy or create

(Bridge 1)
did we know
this happend this way

did we know
the gods happen to play

could not control
this destiny

feels like they
get the best of me

to live this life
so sensibly

I will take my life
back now

With flames a blaze
I show you how

follow me to
hells gate
show no fear

the devils laughs
now he knows
we're here

I take my life back now
I take my.....life back now

(Verse 2)

If could see a world
I would save
I take its guns
and make them my slaves

feel my pain,I'm chained
and wont go
feel a pain that you
could and should not know

the scars have left me
bitter and gone
death upon me
I know it couldnt be long

(Bridge 2)
You cant take this soul
Its too far gone
I cant be right
cause this feeling is wrong

taken bones and blood
tonight this body
is gone from your side

and now