I've been playing guitar for around 5 years now. I'm not bad i can generally play anything i want by looking at a tab, but I'd like to able to create my own, jam and play whatever ideas and sounds that spring into my head. By doing this, i think i need some theory lessons as im pretty oblivious to any of it.

BUT..... i kinda like the title of never having a single guitar lesson (and also they are an absolute fortune! ) so i was wondering if anyone knew of any books worth buying out there.

Pretty much all of the stuff i read on the net is all "how to hold a guitar", "how to play chords" etc, and to the other extreme of not knowing what the hell its on about.

Im in to rock and metal, and even a bit of blues.

So if anyone could shout out any good books out there to help me at my level, it would be brilliant!

The complete idiot guide to music theory, really helpfull. If you wanna learn how to solo and jam, may i suggest, The complete idiot guide to solo and improvisation, I'm currently studying from them and they're really helpful