just get a new neck dude nothing you can do there that'll make it look right or probably even sound right
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Is it a bolt on? If so then you're better off buying another neck for it. Otherwise, take it to a luthier and see what they say. Chances are slim to be brutally honest, as such a fracture would leave that joint weakened, and its more likely to happen again.
Fixable? Yes.
But it would never look the same again.

Personally I would use polyurethane glue and clamp VERY tightly all over.
Might even be better taking the finish off first and refinishing it afterwards, not entirely sure...
yeah its a bolt on, thanks for the help, now i just have to get my hands on a new neck
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Whoever said its not fixable needs to use the search button on this forum. Minichibi posted a video about this subject:


And if you need more help:


The finish will look pretty bad on the headstock and you'd want to redo it possibly. Either way, IMO its better to try fixing it than spending a bunch of money on a decent neck.
Before buying a new neck, it's definitely worth trying to fix it first....nothing to lose, right? You just need wood glue and lots of clamps.

Glue it up and get it working again first, then worry about fixing the finish.
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Quote by Limaj_daas
Whoever said its not fixable needs to use the search button on this forum. Minichibi posted a video about this subject:
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I have seen les paul headstocks that are completely broke off and fixed. I have only have neck cracks, never broke off completely. I have heard that gluing properly can be a stronger bond than before.
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Ughhh....Time for a new neck my friend. Not worth your time.
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Well, if you already have clamps and such, then it would be a really good idea to at least try.

It is actually a fairly common break, and is fixed all the time. Like many people have said, just get some wood glue, cover the break with it, then clamp it up really good. Scrape off excess glue, and you may want to refinish, but in the end, that glue joint is going to be stronger than the wood itself.

If you just don't want to go through with even an attempt, you could just buy a new neck, but where's the fun in that make sure to salvage what you can from the old one too.