We've all seen the botched photos of models with razor thin legs or comically enlarged breasts. Well, here's one I saw that made me lol a good deal.

Here's the source: http://www.fredericks.com/Jessica_Cross_Dye_Boy_Short/53756,default,pd.html?cgid=pa5&defaultOpt=true&all1=all

In case you couldn't tell, that lump near the top is part of her thigh. They must have thought it was her stomach or something. I am really at a loss.

What's the worst you guys have seen? Any experiences with these photos personally? Share here.
She's obviously pregnant and wearing her panties upside down
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I think the question here is what are you doing shopping for women's underwear?
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This one isn't done professionally, but it's a good example:

That just takes fake boobs to a WHOLE new level...
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