We're Chodestra, and our newly recorded 13 track album, Samplestra, is now available here . If you like Tenacious D, Flight of the Concords, Led Zeppelin, random nonsense, bullshit, and stuff like that you will like it. We do a lot of instrumental and improvisational stuff to.

Also, if you want a physical copy of the cd ($12), with a custom case, cd, and dvd of the video below, and whatnot, just email me at danizzlesnizzle@hotmail.com.

Also, we just recently recorded a video for what we call our single African-American Dragon. It was just a home recording, for the hell of it. Check it out here.

There's a few songs uploaded to our profile if you want to take a listen http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/chodestra/

PS: Let me know if your mom is available.
lol thats pretty good stuff. you kinda remind me of the comedy band Axis Of Awesome. Havey you heard them? anyways, great man!
If you want, you should check out my bands thread on here. I just posted it. Its called LEADERSHIP BY ASSAULT.