i'm looking at getting a pair of Monitors for my home studio. i heard that the Alesis M1 Mk2's are ment to be good, award winning in fact.

i found a pair of them for £120 but then i found out about the M1 Active Mk2, which was double the price.

What i want to know is, whats the difference between the two (i'm guess the active one requires Battery input, just like Active Guitar pickups?) and is it really that worth forking out another £120 for them?

Any help is appreciated .
Active means they have the amps inside and only need a connection to your interface.

Passive monitors require a power amp to drive them and you should get a high quality amp for this so you don't clip or color the sound in any way.

Overall, active is more common to start out on as they are usually the cheaper route.
I should just let you know that I am no expert on studio monitor amps and that link was just a guide to what the amps look like. I never said to go with that particular amp for the monitors you have.

Research more into it yourself and see what you should get that pairs well with your monitors.