Just a little something-something.

Have you ever woken up crying?
Have you ever dreamed of how it felt
When you’re flying?
Do you catch yourself feeling
Like you can’t control
Who you are?
When the days are long
And the weekends are short
The dreams are bad
And the mind is unaware
You find yourself
Waking up sleeping
Dreaming of dreaming
Making your life last
For as long as you can
Do you think about tomorrow
And all of the sorrow that night might bring
Do you remember when it didn’t matter?
When the sun was just a star
When the world was clean,
And the air was cool
Have you ever woken up crying?

Have you ever woken up screaming
Trying to rescue
The one that you love
Have you ever had the chance
To figure out
That it’s not just romance
That you love him, and that he doesn’t love you
That sometimes,
You do all you can do
But it’s wasted
And then you find yourself
Waking up screaming.
Inception? jk
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is the puppy solid state or tube?

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solid state. when she screams it pisses me off


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Dimebag had s*** tone and that guitar plays like an abortion. Come at me, bro!

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