Looking to start a online screamo/metalcore band with Miss May I/The Devil Wears Prada influences. I will provide high screams. I don't have that big of a range though, so we'll need another screamer and a clean vocalist. Also need probably two guitarists, a drummer, a bassist, and a keyboardist. Also need someone with an audio compiling program. Lemme know if your interested and I'll give you my AIM sn n we can figure things out.

alright sweet. can you give me your email or aim?

btw where in michigan are you located? im in rochester hills
@ CrossBack7 i actually already got a keyboardist n forgot to post here. sorry

@corych1 ok awesome! do you have anything of you playing i could hear?
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Hey I'd love to help out! I'm able to do a wide range of high and low screams, if you would like, gnu my email is miked295@Yahoo.com

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