This is my first post, so i hope I'm not doing anything wrong. Please correct me if I do.
I found a guitar at my local thrift store the other day, and I am curious about what kind of guitar it is, and if it is worth buying. Its a red double cutaway electric guitar that looks somewhere in between a Gibson SG and a PRS Mira. It has the volume knobs, pickups, etc arranged like an SG but a headstock similar to a PRS. I attached a picture to help, though I'm sorry that its not too detailed.

The thirft store is selling it for $120, but depending on the day, I could get it for 50% off. I would have to also test the guitar before buying it, but other than that, would it be worth it? I've previously bought an Inter-mark guitar there for $150 (at half price) and it was in decent condition, so I am worried as to the quality of this guitar. Please let me know if you've seen this guitar before. Thank You
Guitar Smallest.JPG
Well, what did it say on the headstock?
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I couldn't get close enough to see, and the person that I could have asked to take it down for me wasnt there. I know that would be an easy way to find out what guitar it is, but unfortunately, I was in a hurry. And I'm not expecting to get a chance to go back in the near future, so I was hoping that someone here could help identify it.
well judging by the looks of it, itll be gone in the near future.

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Thanks. That was quick. Is it a worthwhile guitar or a cheap one. I seem to recall silvertone being more of a beginner guitar company.