so right now i have a 1985 fender strat that is great but it really needs new frets. it will cost about $400 to get new frets. I'm thinking of buying a new american standard strat. i would the strat i have and use the money to put towards the new one. what should i do???
i would sell the strat i have now and use the money to put it towards a new one... sorry
Mate, if you're happy with your guitar, get it fixed.

Go try out the guitar you want to buy, and if you like it better, sell your strat and get it. Keep in mind, however, that its selling price will be lowered due to the fact that it needs re-fretting.
If the guitar has value to you beyond money, fix it.. Because if you're connected to that guitar or you really feel you'll never find a guitar with the same feel of it, you'll regret selling it and getting another.
You could even buy a new neck if you wish. Just find one that would fit
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what kind of strat is it? American? Mexican?
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$400 sounds a lot for a refret. get another quote.
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Re-fretting is a pain in the ass. $400 may be high but it would probably be done right.
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$400 is way too much. You should be able to get it done for alot less. You can get a real nice replacement neck for $200.
It does´nt cost $400 to get new frets, $150 tops otherwise you are getting screwed.
Quote by sstony
It does´nt cost $400 to get new frets, $150 tops otherwise you are getting screwed.

Please provide a single link where you can find a full refret for $150..... $100 is a good price for full level/crown/polish.....which is about 1/4 of the work involved in a full refret...
Here´s one, but let me just say I do not know this company nor their quality of work, what I am saying is that the cost of a refret should not cost 400 anything, but there are some people out there that just charge way to much money for something that is not as hard you may all think it is to do.
i highly doubt it would cost $400
it seems a bit too high
I live in Manhattan and a refret by a great tech (not a guitar store) starts at $200. Unless your refret also includes bindings and a new fretboard I think someone is trying to rip you off.
Re-fret the Strat. You will kick your self in the ass if you sell it instead of doing normal repair work.

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