Reviewing as I listen.

The beginning guitar part is stunning. The effects on it are definitely a good addition, just clean wouldn't of done it. Same for the small delay on the vocals. The strumming guitar is also a nice addition, this is turning out to be a hella trippy song. Hourglass is reminding me of a song that plays during the credits of a really epic movie. Wow that sweeping phase effects is just crazy. Definitely a great chilled piece you have here, if anything I would just layer it even more, bass drums and all the rest.

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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

Phasing effect really gives it some atmosphere and the delay on the singing works will to extend that atmosphere. When the strumming kicks in, the song really starts to deliver. Feed on that. Keep it moving at some point.

I'd suggest varying the vocals up a bit. Rhythmic patterns and tones are a little simplistic for m taste. I'm a big fan of dissonance, so I always recommend playing with your vocal range a bit and changing it up frequently, just to experiment.

I love the atmosphere of it. Keep working at it. Could definitely work some more instruments

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i like the way this starts out. cetchy/deep. almost floyd sounding. i like the picture of the open road too. it fits well. the singing is good in that its original and real. you feel the lyrics. it speaks right to the heart. very haunting man. you have something here. great job.

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