Ok I know my pedal board isn't the best but am going to replace it soon. Until then I need a little help with my sound. I'm trying to get a sound close to a sound like: The Black Dahlia Murder, The Faceless, Carcass, and bands like that. I'm having a little trouble and wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks
for metal i use either one of the mesa heads. customtone.com can be your bestfriend. i always use it to find basic tones, then edit them to my taste. it works with hair metal,

good luck
I have some problems getting some good tone with the line 6 floor pod plus and my line 6 spider 3 75 watts. with my spider 3 75 watts i can get some good tone.. then ive bought the floor pod plus and i pluged it, i dont know how to get some good tone with this can someone tell me how can i get some good thrash and death metal tone i dont know what should i do in the amp and in the pedal board.

Sorry some bad english..