I have a squire telecaster and i realize its just and awful brand, but i want to sell it. I am pretty sure there are no technical problems with it and the pick ups dont seem to give out. Anyways how much do you think a guitar star would be willing to pay for it.
There is a guitar store in town that buys used guitars, and i really have no reason keeping this suire telecaster. I understand the lack of information i gave you and how hard it would be to give an accurate answer but please do your best. THANKS
How do u tell if its affinity
Please tell
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Really would appreciate some patience.

I'm pretty sure it says it on the headstock, if not, just google the serial code on the back of the headstock.

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Guitar store will either laugh you away or give you $75 at most. Don't expect much out of it, it's a Squire.
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Really would appreciate some patience.

Thanks for the help and i guarantee no one would have replied if i didn't say that. and ot make a further point you wouldn't need patience because you never replyed beforehand

Thanks for ur help though
okay so its not affinity. So is there no chance of me getting more than 50? its 2004 indonesia
Keep it as a beater guitar. Seriously. A new gig bag costs more than you can receive for it. Last thing to do is take it to a guitar shop. They will mark it up 100%--- so you can see what little that leaves you. You'd be better off selling it on CL or something like that-- or make a trade with a friend--- if you insist on getting rid of it.
A lot depends on the model as well as the color. If you've got 21 frets it's almost definitely an Affinity.....22 and it's a Standard. The butterscotch affinity's sell for more than a basic solid color affinity. RETAIL used for an affinity is about $75-110. The Std's go for around $125-175. The amount you would get in selling it to a store is about 1/2 of these prices.

If you want to sell it, sell it on CL. Personally I would keep it as Squiers are great modding platforms.....the neck and body are perfectly fine and you can upgrade hardward/electronics over time....ending up with a very nice guitar.
Why don't you just look on ebay to see what similar guitars are going for?

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