Hi everyone,
I was wondering if there's any program/software that allows to print a sheet music version of one's recording. My reading skills are decent but not good enough to actually write out in detail what I'm composing, in a reasonable amount of time that is. I've been using Garageband lately, does anyone know if there's a function that allows that on GB?
Do you mean your own recordings? If so I think there's software that allows you to import a track (i.e lead guitar) and it will write out the music for you. If it's for other bands you can search UG for a powertab or Guitar Pro file of the song.
Could you elaborate? Do mean a program that transcribes your playing? Because that's impossible to do from audio data. If you mean transcribing from a MIDI input, most notation software will do the job.

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with guitar pro you can write out the tab and then just tell it to show only notation and print that out, at the very least you'll have to be able to figure out the rhythm of what you're writing
Just curious.... why do you want to write it out?

I'm not anti-reading or anything - at all - but I have never found a practical use for writing out my songs in notation.

1. Most other musicians you work with in rock/pop can't read it anyways. If you want them to learn it, the most efficient way is to record it and give it to them and they'll learn it by ear. If they need help with a part, they might ask you to tab part of it out.

2. For copyrighting, a recording is the most accurate representation of your ideas.

3. For personal archiving of your ideas.... a recording is the most accurate representation of your ideas.

Even my solos - if I "composed" them rather than just "wank as fast as I can" can be retrieved from some combination of ear / knowledge of my personal style / memory, whereas just learning them by ear might be a bit of a trick.


Edit: now if you ARE working with musicians who are more experienced at reading than they are learning by ear, then forget everything I just said...
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Thanks guys, I think guitar pro seems to be the best choice. Actually yes, I'll be playing with other guys, and sometimes they change and it's just useful to have a clear print of everything. Thanks again!
If you put MIDI into Garageband, you can edit the score, so to speak. I know Pro Tools 8 includes some notation software, but I have yet to use 8, so I'm not totally sure. And I'm not sure Pro Tools is in your budget, haha.
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