I just started building my board. Just got a Pedaltrain Pt-1 w/ ata case and have been wondering different arranging ideas and why. My setup are now, and in this order...

Gtr-> Korg Pitchblack -> EHX Metal Muff w/ Top boost -> Digitech Multi chrous -> Boss BF-2 flanger -> Boss PH-2 Super Phaser -> Digitech Digidelay (clean delay) -> Digitech Digidelay (dirty delay) -> amp.

So as far as want i want to add, is im thinking some more modulation, maybe another chorus or flanger or phaser. Possibly eventide modfactor unit or something. And also a tremolo pedal, ive been thinking the Keeley modded Boss TR-2.

Just didnt know of other possible ways to arrange these pedals to make them sound better, and why it would make it sound different. Oh and my gtr and amp is a Schecter C-1+ into a Peavey Special 212
Does your amp have a loop? If so I would experiment with putting pedals like delay and chorus in the loop.

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It does have a loop, and i tried the delay a while ago, not sure if its just cause its an older amp, but the loop didnt make that much of a difference, but i will try again with different settings, and orders. Thanks