Hey... I am trying to decide which preamp to get....

I have two I'm interested in....

1. M Audio Fast Track MK11:


2. ART TubeMP with USB:


Okay... the fast track one comes with Pro Tools Essentials.... and the ART one comes with no software.

First of all... I am going to use this preamp for basic recording and stuff. I would like to record my acoustic guitar and vocals at the same time onto my computer. The thing is... I would love to be able to add virtual instruments and stuff... which I believe I can do with Pro Tools.... but whats confusing me is that the regular version of Pro Tools is 180 bucks... but the "streamlined" version is included with the fast track which is only 120 bucks. I can see one of two things.... the pro tools streamline version being complete crap or the preamp itself being crap since the bundle is so cheap. I don't need this for professional stuff... in fact I am a beginner so I just want to learn the basics of mixing.

Now the ART one comes with no software and it's 100 bucks..... I'm wondering if the ART one is a much better preamp and because it has no software.... it's cheaper...??? There is a free version of reaper (0.99) and Audacity is free.... does the ART support those programs? I mean Audacity or the free reaper doesn't have virtual instruments.... but it does have some mixing stuff... maybe thats a good place for me to start? I don't know...... what would you recommend? Also.... I need the preamp and software to work with Windows 7....

PS: If I got the ART... does it support pro tools and stuff like that if I ever wanted to upgrade my software?