i just bought an esp M300fm ltd guitar, and i tried tuning the guitar down to c but the strings let too loose on the neck. the strings came with the guitar.

im wondering what strings should i use or should i just get a setup for my guitar to be in drop c??

a friend of mine said it could be just the strings, if so what strings should i get?
i dont know much about gauges or anything like that what size should i gget or whatever its called???
Ernie Ball has some strings designed for drop tunings, check 'em out. I've got some Not Even Slinky's (their thickest strings) on my Tempest, and love them, but I also play almost exclusively in standard tuning, so take that with a grain of salt.
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Look into some 50-11 or slightly heavier strings, should do the trick. I have an EC-50 and I can get 46-10 to do drop C without any flop or loose string feel, and it sounds fine.
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I use DR Drop-Down Tuning Strings 12-60 for 24-3/4" scale necks and Dunlop Heavy Core Heavier (11-50) for 25-1/2" scales neck.
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well that guitar has a floyd on it, so its going to be a pain if you dont intend on keeping it in C, your going to have to adjust the floyd after you buy strings, I normally use .11s in C, especially with a floyd youll want a heavier gauge, sorry to sound like a dick, but its just really a pain setting up floyds in drop tunnings
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I use DR DDT's for Drop C, the 11-54 and they are the best set I have ever tried. Of course I have only tried power and beefy slinkys in drop c
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well, I'm always preferable for drop C - std, .13's, and .14s for any lower, but, well, my first guitar had .13's so im more used to it, i wouldnt really reccomend them unless your fngers can take it.

despite everyone saying try 11's, i would reccomend .12's, much better imo. try DnR's or elixirs. much better.
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