1 week player.

Right now just learning the base Chords of G,C,D,A,E,F and Am, Dm, and Em. I been looking around to learn to play my first song with most of those chords and I came across Mother (Danzig). Which chord wise looks easy but does have Bm. I looked up on the net how to play Bm and there is about 6-10 different ways how do I know which to play? Is there a standered Bm?

Also, tabs? I have seen them and look a little confusing, should I learn them now or wait until my skill is better and just keep working with base chords and learn songs with those base chords for some time?
Standard Bm:


edit: start with tabs as soon as you can imo.


edit X2: Single note stuff will seem really hard at first, but you will get better. Learning good rhythm playing is a good starting point so make sure you get it down
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For more basic Bm shapes, you will have to learn barre chords. Bare chords are simply using your index finger to make a "bar" across multiple frets. They are pretty easy to learn. The only difficult part really is switching between open chords (the ones you listed) and barre chords and gaining enough finger strength to actually play them.
Thanks. Oh boy I better start to read up on tabs because it looks a little Chinese to me. I do like that Beatles song.