Hi my name is Tom. Im 18 years old and im looking for a band and just people to jam with. Im a dedicated member. Im cool with playing with anyone and any age. I may be young but trust me, i listen to anything from the 1930's to the present.

I drive and have a vehicle. I would be willing to drive around like 30 minutes for practice or rehearsals. So if you live a bit of a distance away, transportation may not be an issue.

I like playing a wide variety of genres. I mainly focus on playing blues, rock n roll, indie rock, death metal, hardcore, jazz, instrumental, reggae, and experimental. But im open for any kind of music.

I can play guitar, bass, and drums all exceptionally well. Music is something im very passionate about so I spend most of my day doing it.

I have multiple practice spaces. I have a ton of extra equipment. Multiple guitars, basses, 2 half stacks, bass amp, keyboards, a drum set, and a PA system with multiple microphones for vocals and amps.

I have recording equipment. Its Garageband on my Mac, but Im able to produce good quality sounding music on it.

I've been in 3 different bands in the last 4 years. 2 of them i played guitar in, and was the main leader/songwriter of the group.. The other band I played bass for. And all 3 bands were organized enough that we played multiple gigs, wrote original material, and recorded in studios. So I have experience.

So if your near my area then please get a hold of me because Im ready to start playing in a band again!
hey, im 15, and im looking for a drummer, im not the most exsperienced, but i do live in ohio(around knox county), do you have a phone i could txt you? my name is jeff, i play guitar(2 years) and i have a another guitarist and a bassist, i jam with it, please let me know, thanks

Axe's of Choice:

Brand new Ibanez RGA32(Flat Metallic Silver)
2007 Epiphone Les Paul Custom(Alpine White)
1998 Fender Strat, with Texas Overwound PuPs MiM(Black, white pickguard, Maple fretboard)
Well first off, I am 21 years old as of May, and live in Heath.

We share similar musical interests. I have been messing around and writing some stuff lately but currently need a new guitar. However, the guitar issue should be solved within a few weeks or maybe sooner.

At the moment I play through a Marshall Half-stack that I bought on e-bay about 3 years ago. It works fine for the most part, and could be portable to an extent. As far as recording goes, I use my TonePort UX1 and audacity currently.

I have a method of transportation, although it is not necessarily stable at this point.

As for playing ability, I would say I am around the intermediate level. I am efficient at alternate picking, chording, some sweeping, tapping, etc... Generally I can play just about anything.

If you are interested let me know on here or pm me. I will be sending you a pm just for extra measure to notify you of my posting here. Thanks.

Hey, I'm going to be in Delaware, OH for college pretty soon. I play guitar, mostly jazz (bossa nova and some bebop), and metal. If you live nearby I'd be down to jam.
Heyy My friend and i have just recently started a band, we need bass guitar drums and maybe a keyboardist. We are 15 and live in ohio. Please contact us at Lostofficialmusc@yahoo.com if you are interested.