howdy all,
i bought some guitars on the net. had a problem with one and took it to the doc ( a guitar shop).
they told me it was an imitation from china.......naturally i was distressed! however, i took it to another shop for a second opinion and they didnt say anything. i asked them what they thought of the guitar and they said it plays nice and sounds good.

the more i look at the guitar and read about information on the net it does seem like a chinese ripoff....BUT - it sounds good sand plays well.

but ultimately - how can i tell if it is a chinese rip off???????

i live in spain and in a very humid part. i was told that ..eventually ...the guitar was fall to peices.......im just confused with so much different info!

can someone please help and guide me!
thanks for your time
Check the serial number, that's probably the most surefire way to find out.

Also, you could post pictures here so we could maybe ID it too?
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Check the serial #

what kind of guitar was it?

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it was a few actually, was embarressed to say. one was a 1972 yamaha ,sg type...i will post the photos later today. another was a bc rich................
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What problem did you have with it that required you to take it to two different shops?
it just felt a bit strange, the wood,etc......im not experienced in these things.
BUT i was told by a few people that the wood was normal on it as its a very old guitar.

i took it to a shop because i wanted to fit some new humbuckers on it. i have this idea of a vintage guitar with emgs....im a thrash fan. this is when one said the guitar was a fake /copy/china imitation. so i went for a second opinion and they said - it was all fine and in good working order.
i hesitated to get the emgs fit in as i would have to pay.....and i really want to clarify things about his guitar
Looks awesome regardless, do you have any headstock pictures?
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I think what they meant is that it's a knock-off of the sg design, but even that doesn't make sense as it hardly resembles one and I've never heard of anybody faking a yamaha or a guitar disintegrating for that matter so I wouldn't worry about what they think too much.
thats 99% not a fake.
First of all nobody fakes yamahas, and second it just looks pretty quality.
The shop is most likely wrong, enjoy your guitar!
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Nar that looks real enough but its an unusual model definitely that might be why they were confused, you want to keep it in its case or in a room with a dehumidifier (if such a thing exists) because its possible that lots of moisture could warp the guitar in some way but I didnt think spain was particularly humid.
I agree with the above, it's most likely genuine and may I say that while I'm not a big fan of Yamahas OR SGs, that looks very nice. Don't worry about that guitar, what about the rest?
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Some helpful info here, thanks!
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good info thanks, guys...the other guitar was a bc rich, i think i mentioned this above. but i read that bc richs are also made in china...so im ok with that.
i guess if im gonna pay 200 bucks im gonna expect a china made guitar. the yamaha cost me more.
That's a pretty sweet looking yamaha- can't say I've seen one of those. I would check the serial number if there is one. You can always go to their web site or contact them, give them the serial # and they should be able to tell you where it was made and when.
serial numbers mean absolutely nothing. it would be easy to put a genuine serial number on a fake guitar.

i don't know why so many people think that serial numbers prove anything.
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