did a search..

Well its about time i get to buying my books for school. But obviously, they are pretty expensive. Does anyone know of any websites that sell cheap used copies of college textbooks besides amazon? Amazon isnt coming up with the best search results.
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Why not get them out the Library when you need them if they're too expensive?

Worked for me when I was at uni
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I stumbled upon some website that did exactly that some time ago, i'll try to find it

Edit:There were more than i expected... hope this will help you





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Amazon SHOULD be giving you the results you need.

I agree with the library.

In fact, I don't buy books anymore and my GPA has never been higher (actually it is because I'm taking my major classes now and it is designed that way). The most responsible teachers you have in college will make sure the library has a copy of the textbook. I think I paid a total of $20 for any books my last quarter (so that would be like $30 if it were a semester instead of quarter).

Buying books is a scam. I hate that some classes require you to buy books or online keys to access material. Perhaps you could even go halfsies with friends that you're taking classes with? Two of my friends were history majors and lived together so they always ended up using the same books.
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I just came here after realising I need the textbook to answer the questions for my tutorial tomorrow...Still haven't bought any yet.

My university has a textbook exchange website where students post their old books up for sale. I can get most of mine for half price. Maybe yours has something similar.
thanks for the responses.
I'll def. see if the library has anything useful but i'll probably end up buying them used anyway. I'll take a look at the posted links.
Gibson RawPower SG 2009 (Zales)
Gibson Hummingbird 70's? (Amy)
Jet City JCA 20 Watt Combo
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Steal them, that's what I do
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I haven't bought a textbook since first year. The Library has everything I need really, paying hundreds of euros for textbooks is bullshit.
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