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Heartbeats and icing line the edge of the cake
As I sign the papers that leaves me yours to take
But I'm stuck in a future that I don't want to make
Clutch. Brake.

Four winds, in silence blow
On the crooked fence stands a ragged crow
Lonely eyes make his sadness show
He was a man not long ago

certain demons lurked behind her eyes when she began to smile
and wrapped between her pristine teeth was a backalley guile
her fingernails curved down my flesh in a chilled reptilian Nile
with no blood within me left to move, I am left infantile
The 1st one something you don´t see that much but its very good

The 2nd one is simply put, very good

To be honest i didnt like the 3th one, but that may be because the ´style/type´ of lyrics doesnt really appeal to me.

I would take the 2nd one, its flawless.
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The first one's rhythm wasn't as well defined in the first three lines as i would have liked, but it's good. The last line is jarring as hell. I hated that at first, but it grew on me.
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Congrats thanksgiving, who's piece (top one) pretty much nailed in both rounds.

Cheers all for your entries x