hey guys im pretty crap and making tones on my new pod x3 live atm , ive got a schecter solo 6 custom.

im aware that i can download tones from the line 6 site but there arnt really any metalcore tones there pretty much all metal and shred kinda stuff which im not really into . so if any 1 had got a tone that is metalcore sounding (parkway drive , august burns red) kinda sound could you point me in the direction to were i can get it ..

From my limited exposure to those really quite awful bands, I'd say it's nothing you couldn't do with either the Line 6 Treadplate, or Treadplate Dual sims, and maybe the Vetta Comp and a fairly aggressive gate. Tweak as needed. The sim for the Bogner Ueberschall is also quite nice, but that might be a little too mellow for you. As far as Eqing, I'd say something to the effect of lows at noon, mids at a 8:30, and treble at 3:00-5:00, with the presence similar, and maybe add in on of the parametrics the emphasize the treble a little more.

Sorry if I haven't said anything you haven't already thought of, but I've found it pretty easy to get any tone I want with a little experimentation.

Also, *for the love of God*, don't run it through the front of your amp, stick it in the effects return; you're probably already doing that, but i screwed that up the first few times, and it made it impossible to get a nice distorted tone. Running the line 6 preamp into your amp's preamp just sounds plain terrible.