This is an attempt at an 'epic' kind of last-song-on-an-album-type thing. There's a lot of layering and build up in here - not much happens, but it's supposed to sound nice while it's doing it. There's a more involved part towards the end, I'd prefer the song wasn't skipped through though!

I was listening to Godspeed You! Black Emperor before I wrote this, but i'm not sure how much that rubbed off on the song (I think it just gave me the kick in the arse to write some more music). I always tie my music to Mogwai when it sounds like this, but I'm not sure how appropriate that is here... sleepmakeswaves is another band I guess this could sound like (thought they're slightly less well known, I feel).

I guess the general idea for this song is the overall feel - you're not exactly supposed to "listen" to it as much as just take it in. Expansion upon the one idea, I suppose.

See how it rubs with you, and cheers for listening;

EDIT: Changed the MIDI mix!
letting go.zip
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okay, I gave it a listen, and here are my thoughts:

the parts up until epic are too repetitive, even for post-rock. It's a nice progression, but I found myself getting bored and wanting to skip ahead. That's actually probably the main statement about the song as a whole. It certainly isn't bad, it's just very repetitive, to the point of me wanting to skip ahead in the track to find interesting bits. I think the issue is with having different parts, or more instruments adding nuances to chords. It certainly isn't terrible, it jst doesn't have that special something that would make it that huge end-of-album finisher you're looking for. I would try to add a bridge or an interlude or something.


I don't have anything to C4C, so no worries, oh and it's cool to meet someone else who listens to a lot of post-rock.