Hello out there.
I've been playing for about 2 months now, and i was wondering if i would feel any difference in changing my strings to a new set. Atm. i'm just using the strings that followed my guitar, which is an Epiphone SG Special, so i don't really know what kinda strings they are. The new set i have is some Classic Rotosound 9-46.
I'm asking because i don't wanna change for nothing, then i'd rather wait untill some of my strings snap.
What you need to do is take the rotosounds, throw them out, and go buy some elixirs.

No, I kid. But seriously, they're great strings. Umm I guess it wouldn't hurt to change? I remember the last time I bought a guitar from a shop it didn't really come alive until I put some new strings on it. Besides, aren't those like a $10 set of strings? I'd say do it.
Strings do lose their tone eventually, any idea how old yours are? I change mine rarely, only like every 6 months and even then it has never felt absolutely necessary. I use Elixirs so that might make a difference but oh well.
More on topic, you will most likely notice the difference if not in sound then atleast in the playability, new ones are likely more stiff at first and 'need' breaking in.
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Wolffgang - Yeah they are pretty cheap. So it's not really the money xD
Lewadra - I guess the strings are as old as the guitar, around 2 months. I had a friend over a few days ago, he complained about the guitar slipping out of tone immediately, i don't notice such a slight difference, but his ears are a lot more trained than mine. I dno, if strings could cause that or the cheap guitar ^^
Shit yeah you will feel new strings. I use Super Slinkys (they are 9s like you have on now), and change them out every 2-4 months, depending on how much I play. I love them.

Of a similar weight Elixir set, I didn't notice much of a difference over my Super Slinkys. They were nice (not superb as I was expecting) and I snapped the b string after about 3 weeks.

Nice, new strings are awesome - treat yourself to some today.
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