A EQ stompbox for a metalcore guitarist?

Firstly, i have looked around forums and haven't really found this exact answer.

I understand that equalisation is very important with anything really, but was wondering weather tonally and just in general, is it worth slamming money on the table for?

I use a Bugera 6260 head into a crate cab, Use a Jackson DKMGT with Emg 81 + 85 and do not run any other pedals, im not necessarily after a lot of pedals for modulation purposes, just tone maximising really, having an awesome clean and a real clear, yet shredding and distinct sound to the lead. I am very happy with the bugera's tone so in terms of distortion that is not what i am after.
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I'd say, if you're not quite happy with your tone an EQ pedal will get you a lot closer to being really happy. I wouldn't say its neccessary, but I think it would be helpful.
Extremely helpful, I'd recommend it dude.

Don't skimp on your EQ and get a shitty one though. I found the MXR 10 band to my liking. 6 band didn't have enough control, and 64-band was way too extensive. Sure, its expensive, but if you do it right you can get pretty much any tone out of it. I can get a pretty solid classic rock Marshall tone (think Airbourne or AC/DC) out of my Peavey Valve King using the EQ pedal. I know that's not what you're looking for, but the level of control it offers you is fantastic. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
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Thanks both. Really appreciate your time to reply
Jackson DKMGT
£15 guitar cable!
Bugera 6260/ Crate GT1200H
Crate GT1200h Cab
You might want to look into getting a new cab. a 2x12 would be more that sufficient.
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