So, I'm about to be needing some larger quantities of wood, and living in the middle of the Mississippi Delta, there's no short supply. There's also alot of woods I'd like to use that I can't find to order anywhere else. I know a guy with a huge bandsaw, all I need to know, is if there's any trick to drying to wood faster or keeping it from warping as it dries.

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Unless you're willing to wait 10 years you should try and find a kiln (big oven). This will dry the wood in a realistic time frame. As for warping...maybe some weight on top of the wood? But that is just a blind guess.
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realistic time-frame as in... a few months? And what about a big, flat-black metal box that just takes advantage of insanely and ridiculously hot it is here? (My car read 119 when I left work yesterday, heat index for Olive Branch, MS, yesterday was 125.)
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
you could easily take it somewhere and get it dried in a kiln.
somewhere that they make clay pots for example. my school even had one.
or best off theres probably a wood working place near you that uses a kiln for the exact purpose of drying wood and know how to do it all properly

have a look around, because its better off knowing that its done properly, rather than just putting it in a metal box and hoping it works correctly.
kiln drying takes a few days (i think)
You could build your own solar kiln. They seem fairly simple and inexpensive to make. Never done it myself though.
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Tap neighbors power supply. Stick wood in oven, Wait 1 year. Hear neighbor bitching...
Then comes profit.
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