I recently bought my first electric guitar Cort KX5 and it wasn't set up right. I don't have any close friends that play electric guitar so i had to set it up on my own. My main problem was the buzzing of the E (thicker) string on 1st fret. I had to get my bridge higher because adjusting individual didn't work. Is it ok for the guitar to have crooked bridge cause I want thinner strings to be very close to the neck and be playable to 24th fret and for thicker strings to be more distanced from the neck cause of buzzing?
are you refering to the bridge saddles?
it doesn't matter how the saddles a positoned on the bridge only aslong ass the are producing the right pitch
Is the bottom of the bridge lifting away from the guitar body?
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Unless its electronic drums.

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Yes, the whole bridge is lifting, not individual strings.
@britishsligean: No, not the saddles

It's this type of bridge: http://www.mesonline.com/images/working_images/hunter_le/bridge_06.jpg

The left part is higher than the right.

that is normal the bass side has to be slightly higher as the strings are much thicker and would buzz off the frest if the bridge was level