I'm just curious.. because I've heard different rumours, so I'm not sure what to belive -

Can your effect pedals/amp/guitar get damaged (the inputs/outputs) by leaving your jackcables (and power-cable for effect pedals) plugged in for days/weeks at the time?

I have this rule that I always unplug everything but the power when I'm done playing. But it takes me such a long time to plug everything whenever I want to play again, with all those pedals and such..

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with a pedal chain you can leave everything plugged in, but don't have the power turned on otherwise the circuit could get damaged with a power surge
If you leave your input cable plugged in it will drain the batteries. The input jack is normally a stereo jack. (If your unit uses a battery then it has a stereo jack) When the cable is plugged in it activates the battery so the battery starts draining. (It's very little but neverless it still drains). It works the same way for a guitar with active pickups. The input jack will be a stereo jack so the battery starts when it is plugged in. If you are not using a battery and only AC then it should do anything due to the fact that no power is going into the unit

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i leave everything plugged in, unless its at night and i cant use my amp because ill wake someone up, then ill unplug it and play on my bed. other that that and lessons it stays plugged in all the time

You will kill your pedal batteries if you leave them plugged in to long
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I unplug anything that might be kicked, jarred, or stepped on. It would be riidiculous to have to unplug all the pedals on a pedalboard. But the guitar cable going into the pedalboard gets unplugged because of the possibility of the cable getting kicked and messing with the input socket.
Thanks for all the responses

Yeah, I know it will drain the batteries, but I only use adaptors.

So.. I can leave the jack-cables for my pedals for a couple of days without worrying?
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Yeah. I'll unplug the power, but it's nice to know for sure that I don't have to unplug my effect chain (the jackcables).

Thanks a lot everyone
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FWIW, I never unplug anything - ever. I have encountered 0 problems because of this. Occasionally I'll unplug my guitar, but since it has passive pickups, I usually leave it plugged in, and only unplug it when I'm going to change guitars. All of my pedals are powered by a One Spot.
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I have all my gear plugged into an extension strip (soon to be power conditioner I hope) and I just turn that off when I'm not playing. As for unplugging everything... screw it.

EDIT: Just wanted to mention - I have a Boss TU-2 that daisy chains power to my other pedals and if you leave that plugged into the wall it will continue to consume power... and I think for the rest of the pedals. I used to just unplug my 9v power supply before I started using an extension strip.
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No unless you're using battery operated pedals or active pickups then the batterys will get drained.
All my power comes through a Furman PL-8C. I turn that off, but I don't unplug anything save for my guitars.
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