Ok so, I'm building a pedal board, and i was talking to a dude in a shop about pedals etc....when i mentioned that i wanted to get one of the line 6 relay pedal, which goes on your pedal board it also happens to send a digital signal.

He told me that combining digital and analogue pedals would cause me to lose my signal.

Is this true?

Is there a way i can have that wireless on my pedal board, like at the end of the line of pedals or something?
I've used digital and analogue pedals together, I was tonight, nothing as ever been screwed up, in the end the sound is changed between digital and analogue several times before it comes through the amp.
Thats just guitar player hype bullcrap. Put whatever you want on your pedalboard. Thats what everyone has always done.
yep. It does matter about the order. Others can give you more details. But digital and analog is fine. Lots of people do it
The order is mostly personal preference. There is no hands down right way to do it, though there is a generally assumed "correct" way to do it. In the end, it's best if you just mess with the order yourself and find what sounds best to you.
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