I just started getting lessons. I felt good after the first couple lessons, but when I sit down and try to practice on my own. I feel completely embarassed and I think I'm doing everything wrong and want to stop playing.

Has anyone else felt like this starting out?
oh yeah but dude you got to push through it. I hated my first 6 months to a year of playing but you need that boring stuff.
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Hi Casey.

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Hell yes, there were times when i just wanted to throw my frign noname stratocaster out of that frign window. But i didn't and now im happy. May the speedy force be with you.
stop worrying about it and enjoy playing, most peeps get embarassed or paranoid about playing in front of others, not by locking themselves in a bedroom for 5 years and learning the art
Been there, done that...practice and don't give up
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Ask your teacher to show you an easy "Drop D" riff so that you can play it when practicing chords/scales/speed etc gets frustrating and boring.

It always helps to incorporate something fun into your practice routine so that you don't give up. It doesn't have to be Drop D, but beginners typically find that tuning very welcoming because all you have to do is barre the first 3 strings and you have a powerchord - the meat and potatoes of rock music.

Are you learning on an acoustic or electric?
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Ask your teacher to show you an easy "Drop D" riff so that you can play it when practicing chords/scales/speed etc gets frustrating and boring.


A good teacher will take you far and should help to keep you motivated
You know I quit guitar 3 times in one year. It took me until year 2 until I finally sat down and played at like 1 bpm until my hands started to learn muscle memory. Don't give up!

My advice:
1) learn easy easy EASY songs
2) after a few months of learning basic rhytmn lines, learn your favorite easy songs
3) learn your favorite songs
4) now start practicing scales/tapping/pentatonic slowly with a metronome and fix all the mistakes the above gave you
5) now you can try sweep arpeggios
6) You are now Jeff Loomis

Takes about 2-3 years to get to #6
Not only did I feel that way starting out....6 years later I still feel that way on some days.
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Are you learning on an acoustic or electric?

I'm learning on electric
I know how you feel. I didn't really have that experience too much with guitar but I did dabble with piano for a few months and I regret stopping even though he wasn't a good teacher in the first place. So I'm just trying to say (rather poorly I guess) is not to give up because it seems hard now. I remember when I had trouble playing a C or G chord and those are like anchors in music. So just keep on working at it and it will get better.

Oh, and I think it's better to learn on an acoustic than on an electric because an acoustic is harder to play and it will make your fingers stronger quicker. That's what I did, but I did get a blister on my strumming thumb within like a week and a half of playing so, yeah, you could have that to look forward to. It really doesn't matter though.
Yeah I felt like that when I started out but you just gotta keep on practicing and push through the begginer phase of guitar. It's probably the hardest.

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Think about some mental conditioning for success, study NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming. You have to cultivate a desire for practice. That is the real secret that nobody talks about.
Hope it helps.
I know EXACTALLY !!! Cuz I'm there now !!! Just finished 2 months of lessons and finally last week played a song all the way through,,, so now I'm working on a new one and it sounds like (*Profanity*) I get em-barrrre-essssed every time I go to my lessons... But I REFUSE to give up !!! I just keep practicing !!! So hang in there and maybe in a few years we can both come back and give encouragement to someone who's wearing our old shoes !!!

Party on Garth !!!
I noticed that Chainsawguitar posted a reply on here,,, What's up Rob !!!

If you haven't checked out his web-site I would recomend that you do !!! He is a fantastic teacher and an incredible musician !!! Subscribe to his blog, and read everything he posts.

He was a "BIG" help to me !!!