I can't believe I'm asking the pit this but here goes.

On the inside of my box of condoms it says "immediately after ejaculation, hold the condom in place and withdraw the penis while it is still erect. Avoid spilling semen."

Pit, my question for you is: I didn't know I had to pull out IMMEDIATELY after coming. Why? Wouldn't it be the gentlemanly thing to do to keep going until she climaxes. Do I have to change rubbers after I come or can I wait until she finishes? (she's a virgin so I think we'll be at it for awhile)
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It's generally ok to stay in for a few seconds, but if you wait till the erection goes away it is tougher to get out without the condom slipping off.

any other questions?

edit: also sex thread, but I hope I answered your question
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Sex thread.

Also through experience, the condom can come lose while you start to go down, then you end up having to root around down the flooded south for the condom.
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Sex thread will give you better answers! But anyways, just finish her off with your fingers and/or tongue.

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