I just bought an IC-300 Iceman and the pups are very, very dull. I want to upgrade the pickup and while I don't mind spending a little money, lower cost is always a good option. I've been looking at reviews and videos for the Dragonfire Screamers and the Dragonfire 81/85 but it's hard to make the call. I was just wondering if anyone out there has any input. I was also looking into their dual blade pickup which supposedly mimics the DiMarzio X2N. Thanks!
I have a Blue Voodoo 120 watt tube head with the matching cab which has celestions in it. I pretty much only use the onboard distortion. My last guitar had the emg 81/60 config and sounded nice but am I just paying for a name with EMG? Thx for the response.
Meh, not a fan of EMGs or Dragonfire pups, not to say they aren't good, just not my cup of tea.

The general consensus among a lot of UGers about EMGs is that they have a decent tone, but lack the ability to make the guitar shine where it is most able to, often sounding very similar in any guitar, be it a PRS, a Gibson, a Fender, etc. Not only this, but some say active EMGs lack the ability to pick up a players picking dynamic and attack, as well as being less capable of sounding thicker in terms of tone.

That all might be wrong, as I've never used EMGs for more than an hour, but even then I don't like em.

I like passive pups more, and Id suggest you look into Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, and maybe some of the lesser known pups that seem to have a good rep among UG.
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Thanks CL/\SH for your response. I'm kinda leaning toward the DiMarzio X2N at this point. I liked the emg 81/60 set cuz i play alot of rhythm and I'm very light on solos and what not and they were great for that. Im not a huge fan of active pups overall therefore the X2N should do it. If it's good enough for Chuck & Buckethead it's good enough for me.