Hey U.G'ers,
I bought this Hohner electric back in december from a local guitar repairman/tech, who also sells gear, for €100! The original price he wanted was €140 but i played some Rory Gallagher stuff and he gave it to me for €100 =)
Anyway, there is no model name, or serial number etc on this guitar, he had recieved it as a part exchange, in unplayable condition. The guitar had been repaired and now plays perfectly so no complaints.
I am intersted in finding out more about the guitar, its model name, when it was built etc.
I have done a good bit of searching online in the last while but have found little. The closest model is the Hohner Pearl, which does not feature a trem, and has a few different appointments, but the body shape is the same. Il post a few pics and if anyone can shed any light on the model name or anything id appreciate it!!

Full shot




Sorry about the poor quality shots, i had to use a phone camera!

I can't find anything, other than it might be some type of Hohner OSC...

It's possible that it's been aftermarket modded, since I can't find any that have a trem.
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Thanks anyways!
Ya, its been modded, the pickups are aftermarket but the bridge seems to be original.
The osc shape is the same alright, but this guitar has to be at least 15 or 20 years old, its beaten up nicely, lots of wear and tear too.
It's very similar to a Hohner Black widow in body style and headstock, but i can only find those with P90s. Were the pickups swapped out at any point with that guitar? If not, It's very similar to a Classic City Baton Rouge model. Hope this helps!
Any links to pics of the city classic? i cant find any. Ya its similar in shape, different specs though. Its a much older guitar too. Thanks for the reply!!!!