Sup all this is the Midnight Riders!!!

They call me Jake, but my other brothers in this band are: Smitty, Ox, and Dusty...Thats our nicknames at least.

We come from Galveston, Texas. Heres all our specialties

Ox (Drums)
Smitty (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)
Dusty (Lead Guitar)
Jake (Bass, Keyboard)

We're a Southern Rock Band...we're real popular down in the South and got tons of fans. Our fans are so crazy about us they'll chase after us at full speed and try to bite and scratch at us, and sometimes we got to shoot a couple of them, but in all reality we're pretty popular.

We're on tour right now around the New Orleans area, get tickets and check out our song, The Midnight Ride here at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ApJ5NsM6CI

Enjoy...Stay headbangin' Ultimate Guitar!
is that the band on Left 4 Dead?
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