I am an incoming freshmen to BU Bares, and I play guitar. I mostly write rhythm riffs, but I could practice doing lead, study up on theory and scales and such. I also sing a little bit, can stay on pitch, alter my voice, within a baritone range (F to G# above middle C), and my falsetto isn't too bad either.

I'm looking at starting an entirely new band, focused towards heavy rock/metal, fast energetic riffs in both major and minor keys, depending on the song, but not exclusively heavily distorted. I think there is a time and place for clean, even poppy sounding riffs, and there's a time for scream your lungs out chunky in your face riffs, just depends. Basically I want to be versatile.

I need a good drummer, preferably one who knows how to use a double pedal bass and can improv good beats in any time signature and STAY IN TIME AND NOT RUSH; a bassist with a good understanding of what basic chord structure is and how to follow and work around it; a lead vocalist who knows what the meaning of meaningful and heartfelt and dedicated is; and a second guitarist, preferably one who's better or equal to my level of guitar playing for playing mostly lead stuff. Keyboardist is optional/secondary, as I can play and write basic piano parts.

I'll be coming to Baylor in the Fall semester and will begin my search shortly. Anyone who lives in Waco, TX is also welcome to try out, though I would prefer people at Baylor around my age level (freshman to junior undergrad).
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