It's not that it's hard, but I don't how to play it. The tab says to hammer on 11-9-7-9-7-9... seems pretty straight forward, but I don't see how that works...

BTW I'm kinda new to guitar, been playing for around 7 months
You hit the 11th fret, then pull off to the 9th fret, pull off to the 7th fret, then hammer on to the 9th fret, etc.

Basically, I'd put my pinky on the 11th fret, my middle or ring on the 9th fret, and my pointer on the 7th fret. Then you can fluidly pull off and hammer on that whole line there. Btw, it sounds like you're only sposed to pick the 11th fret in that lick.
damn that shit is pretty hard... I don't think my fingers move fast enough yet for that. Balls..... well thanks a lot man I appreciate it.