Hello fellow musicians! This is the first time I've ever tried to publicize any of my original songs, but I have 4 of them posted on youtube. Influences are Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Between the Buried and Me, The Mars Volta, and Meshuggah. I hope you guys enjoy my songs as much as I do! Check them out and leave me some feedback. 'Twould be greatly appreciated





(I wasn't too focused on making a perfect recording, so there are a few mistakes here and there, BUT I plan on posting much better quality recordings, along with drums, in the near future)
Good technique but it's kind of hard to judge the songs without drums/bass/melody. A song like Static Octopus just sounds like a collection of disjointed riffs when you hear it like this. I know the quality of YouTube clips are crap but I'd seriously consider pulling back the distorsion and the highs a little when recording this properly; you're creating a world of overtones when you play chords right now. I liked Sporadic the best, that cat rocked!!
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I agree for the most part what ebon00 is saying. It can be hard to judge songs like Staticoctopus with just guitar. But hey, that's how a lot of songs start. With the right drumtrack behind it it could be pretty cool.

Here's mine


It's Metal, in case you're wondering before you click on it. Any critque would be great. Cheers
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