Dude.. I came buckets. Nuff said. I really like the verse part after the intro solo. Really, really good job.
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I don't think you can go wrong with a Black guitar, white ones are almost as good but black ones are better, white ones just don't sound quite as good.
never listened to fade to black??
its the only good metallica song!!!!
but that was really really cool, do it again but have two layers
lead and solo
or get a friend to play rhythm for you
Ditto all the good compliments everyone else gave you, only I'd say if was a little to fast.
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I 1/2 loved it. 1/2 was meh. haha. First of all, it is NOT the only good Metallica song!!! There's over 100 more :P Anyways, I loved the tone of that guitar. The intro solo was a bit sloppy, but it is on an acoustic so whatever. I actually liked how it was sped up, since there were no vocals, and I think that sounded fine. The short solo with harmonies didn't sound great, though. I think if you filled in some licks since you get no real sustain, it would've sounded better. The biggest problem, though, is that you didn't really keep a steady tempo/time. You slowed some parts, sped up others, etc. But then again, I read that you didn't plan on uploading, so I guess you didn't really pay attention or even care. Also, I think the B string is out of tune. You really hear it on that E minor power chord. Or you might accidentally be playing it major instead of minor.
But overall, I liked it. The verses were awesome.

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