I recently bought a new guitar and decided to change its strings, then the saddle proceeded to falling off.
I thought it had to be glued in to the hole where it goes in, but I couldn't see even a trace of it.
Is it normal for the white thing at the bottom (I think its called the saddle) of a guitar to come off or should I change the guitar? It has a warranty.
oh ok.
You see, I bought a Palmer and the guy at the store said that some of there guitars weren't really crafted awesomely so I got a bit worried when it just plopped off.
Yes they will sometimes come out but all you need to do is replace it. If you have shims under it you should have a new one made anyway. Have a bone one put in.

NEVER, EVER glue the saddle in.
^You could always just put the same saddle back in?
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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^You could always just put the same saddle back in?

I imagine that is what he was referring to. "Replace," as in "put it back where it fell out of."