I noticed that a lot of good pickups cost a pretty penny, and that you have to spend a little more than $60 to get a good DiMarzio, and that it only goes up from there. Being a teenager with no job, and parents who say [sarcasm]bullshit like "Money doesn't grow on trees,"[/sarcasm], I'm looking for a cheaper option to acquire good pickups. How difficult/expensive would it be to make a good pickup that I could use in a guitar? Thanks for the help!
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You will not be able to make good pickups for less than that. You will need bobbins, wire, magnets, a pickup winder, a soldering iron, and experience. The first few (or maybe many) tries will not work like you hope.
Your better bet is to put your time into working to earn money. Making your own pickups would be cool, but it would not be cheap.
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How difficult/expensive would it be to make a good pickup that I could use in a guitar?
Difficult? Not too. Expensive? VERY, if you buy a winder. And without that, winding would be extremely tedious. Even with a winder, you put a good bit of time into the winding process.
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After building an induction motor and an EI core transformer, I can tell you you will not get good results compared to machine assembled pickups. A person will never be able to wind coils anywhere near as good as a machine. It's just not possible.

So that means you need a winding machine, which is pretty expensive. Even building one yourself isn't that cheap. You'd need a counter of some kind, a motor, armature to hold the bobbin and wire spool. All for what? You won't get better results. The magnetic wire isn't that cheap either, so you aren't really saving a whole lot just looking at a materials cost. Plus you gotta figure out what magnets you want to use, how many turns, what gauge wire. There's quite a bit of engineering involved, you don't just wind however many turns you feel. You can copy designs, but why not just buy those other designs in the first place.

Just buy used pickups on ebay or craigslist.
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I agree. I'm all for building shit, but pickups is one thing I wont touch. I'd hit up GFS personally.
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