ok so i want to learn some solos. metal solos preferably. shredding sweeping jive. no metallica or old thrash please.
the most impressive this i can play are the opening sweeping to vela together we await the storm by the human abstract, and the solo to suffocating sight by trivium.
id liek it to be something like an all that remains or trivium solo. nevermore and dream theater too.

so let me know what to learn.
Under a Glass Moon - Dream Theater
This Godless Endeavour - Nevermore
The River Dragon has Come - Nevermore
Metropolis Pt 1 (Unison Solo) - Dream Theater

I know you said no old thrash but if you havent already, Hangar 18 - Megadeth
I think stuff by bullet for my valentine ... they've got nice solos in almost every song