Just wondered what everyone thought was the nicest finish for a stratocaster? Subtle? Vibrant? Say which finish, give pictures if possible and say why you like that one.
Strats FTW!
I don't like Strats at all but I saw one today that had a great burgundy metal flake finish that almost made me get past the ugly shape.
Fender do make some nice quilt and flame top strats. The FMT and the QMT models.

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Of course, the classic:

Then my second favourite has to be cherry sun burst:

Which can also come with a flame maple top
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I love just about any Fender color just because it is Fender, but my candy apple red strat has really captured me. Funny because red was never my favorite color for a guitar but the paint job on mine is really striking. Hard for me to capture the natural shade on a pic, this pic gets close. It has a metal flake finish on it you can't really see.

But what really makes this strat, is the neck, just as extra special neck, just sweet to hold.


Honey blonde. which actually looks like butterscotch
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Fire engine red. Which I don’t think they actually make anymore, so I need to be more careful with mine.
Anything plain. At most, a really faded cherry burst can be alright. Strats (and Telecasters, come to that) have a functional design, giving one some jazzy finish is a complete mismatch.
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A cream/off white finish. In general I don't like the look of strats, they're just so common and boring.

Anything where the pickguard is the same colour as the finish.... <3
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Yes, I know it's ugly, but I like it, and I thought I'd post it because no-one else will.

I like this, TBH. Never liked trans/sunbursts on Strats. Or cream, I LOOOOOOOVE cream-colored Strats. <3
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lake placid blue, graphetti yellow, sherwood green, and my favorite, daphnine blue. i love the 60s custom colors
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That's actually the red one that's been photoshopped. The real colour isn't as bright. If you look at the stock pictures of both of them, the woodgrain is the same

Still looks sick, IMO. Even better with the maple fretboard.

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i like the 60's finishes. daphne blue, seafoam green, orange...

i really want to like 3 tone sunburst, but to me it only looks good beat to all hell.

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white with maple fretboard..i had a candy cola (red) american standard that i kinda liked, although red never really did that much for me on strats...maple board is the way to go though (IMO)
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Sherwood Green. Blasphemy to everyone who posted those shitty flame tops.