I like the intro, nice and mellow. Nice topic for a song too, uplifting. the part starting at 1.58 has some sweet chord changes but it sounds like you're halting a bit, try too keep the tempo up. overall, pretty good song, surely a fine piece to pull out at a bonfire with your friends .
I'd probably leave this song as a simple acoutic track. The only other thing I'd add would maybe be a really gentle percussion beat after you say the "I have good friends" lyric the first time. The mellow-ness of the instrumentation allows the content of the song to come off as sincere, heartfelt, and not without a twinge of lonelyness. As others have said, the chords slow down in the middle a bit, but I'm sure you know what to do. A good idea that is sure to be a good song once you get the final cut down. Good luck!

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