Aetiology is finishing up mixing/mastering our debut EP and we are looking for some feedback.

The EP is 3 tracks and 15 minutes long.

We recorded, mixed, and "mastered," everything ourselves, so it's a little rough around the edges, but we are fairly happy with the way it came out.

Feel free to listen to all 3 tracks or just one, but the EP is intended to be listened to as one piece.

Here's the link: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/aetiology/music/

Let us know what you think!

Much Love,

"Codex": I like the sound effects. Drums sound good for real drums (in both songs). Bass sounds good through most of the song, but at ~3:50 sounds out of tune (too much chorus effect?). I like all of the guitar except for one note (off key?). In places it feels like it really needs vocals, but otherwise mostly a good recording. "Strange": some "unusual" choice of notes on guitar to my ear: I liked Codex much better. Please review my music at this link:

Reviewing Codex as I listen.

I was going to pick one of these three to review, and so I first tested this song and wow. I didn't even try the others because the beginning just kinda hooked me in (I'll probably listen to the other ones a bit too ). The phased guitar is really just awesome. You've also got an incredible drum sound there, its always really good to hear a good drummer AND a good sound. The wah guitar solo is really pretty radical, I might tone it down just a little bit in terms of the spectrum of it, try to focus it in a little more. I've never heard of Psychedelic Groove Rock, but wow dude I really dig your sound. I find that "groove" is completely lost these days, even metal bands that are supposed to bleed groove end up missing it in all their endeavors. Anyway the atmosphere and vibe that you exhibit is really outstanding. I will say I think the middle section is a little repetitive, I would cut it down a little bit. The sound effects you have in there are incredible, how did you do that? I think the drums need to be mixed louder throughout, but especially at this acoustic section. A really great song, keep up the good work.

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