So, lookie here...

I'd like to start a project that would "exclusively" incorporate the No Wave punk movement of the late 70's, with Progressive Thrash Metal and Technical Death Metal.

SPECIFICALLY, I'd be using the vocal techniques, saxophone melodies, dissonant chord shapes, and "counter intuitive" song structures of No Wave, mixed in with Progressive Thrash Riffing ala Time Does Not Exist Era Dark Angel, Rust In Piece Megadeth,And AJFA Metallica, And Finally, With The "Melodic" Interludes, Time Signatures, Jazzy Vibes, and Breakdowns Of Technical Death Metal (Like Psycroptic, EXTOL, and Cynic).

Is there any genre that already pretty much hits on this? And if not, what would it be closest to so I can atleast have a reference point when describing the music without having to use such a long explanation or rely on vague terms like "Progressive" or "Experimental".

I know some of you don't care for genres at all, and I respect that opinion, but please don't flood the thread with "JUST CALL IT MUSIC" posts.

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Lol sorry, I did ramble there! I updated the post with a TLDR, and not exactly yet, because I haven't gotten any members together yet, just sorting things out in my head first. But when I get back from the store,I'll upload a sample of what I was doing when I got inspired to do it, which does a tad of all this, just not so explicitly.
not sure,but i say go with it. its fun to experiment and who knows you may spearhead a movement one day with it.
Dick+strings= owww
It's not really important to be able to pin down a specific genre. In fact, I think the best bands are the ones that can't be labeled by one genre, or many, but have they're own sound to them. I say go with your idea, but a word of warning. This is just what's happened with me, but when I start putting thought into genres, or writing songs based on a specific genre, I feel like I set out a list of rules and requirements for myself. So by doing something like this, even though it's every unorthodox, you're still setting specific things you want. It's good to have an idea of what you want to do, but once you get very specific with it, it usually ends badly. If somebody came up to me asking me to join their band with something like that, I'm probably say no, only 'cuz there doesn't seem like a lot of freedom in it. I find the best writing is simply picking up an instrument and playing whatever comes out, instead of aiming to do one thing.
Just record demos of the music you've written, upload them then advertise for musicians who would be interested in playing them.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Avant-garde metal, No wave metal or just call yourself prog metal and be done with it. Its gonna be hard to get any fans playing something weird under a strange genre title, and as said above does it really matter?